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About Susan Banks

Susan Banks Strives for excellence by serving her clients with the utmost care throughout what can be the most stressful times of buying and selling homes. She provides exceptional service by explaining the process in detail to prepare clients to transition through it. She goes above and beyond to protect her clients from situations they may not be aware that could happen. As a former educator, Susan has applied her familiarity with the English language to thoroughly learn Texas promulgated contracts, benefitting her clients as a contract often protect them. Her ability to communicate and work with different learning styles also helps her clients engage in the process more strategically. Finally, her knowledge and experience have taught her to master negotiations, an imperative skill that can make or break a deal. Honest and ethical, her clients rest assured she has their best interest at heart.

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5 Tips for Starting Your Home SearchEveryone wants to time their home purchase “just right.” Ideally, the picture perfect “buyer’s market”; plenty of well-priced

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What Buyers Can Expect For Real Estate in 2020

What Buyers Can Expect For Real Estate in 2020Predicting the housing market should be an Olympic event; everyone loves topredict the ups and downs of the real estate market. As we enter 2020

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Two Myths Holding Back Home Buyers

2 Myths Holding Back Home BuyersBuying a home is a huge commitment and one which should be consideredcarefully before undertaking. Not only are you committing to years of themortgage, but you are

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